Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Work Environment

Its already 9am and I haven't done anything yet. I am now making this blog to keep me awake. Basically every time I enter the door at 7, I'm always sleepy and after lunch when I close my eyes, I fall asleep. I just don't get it why I always get sleepy. I have worked in a company where it's 6am to 3pm shift, but I haven't felt like this...
Now it's 4pm Its time to go home.. I still feel so sleepy, but by the time I'm home I can't felt it anymore... It so strange that I always felt this way. Its like I'm sooooo OLD uhuhuh..
Someone told me the reason behind my sleeping disorder(hehehe) is because of my workplace. Here at the office the only noise you could here is the noise of the keyboard, the calls of the agents and the slamming of the door... So I guess it is true huh!?
Anyways, tomorrow is Friday and I bet I'll be sleepy again. Coffees isn't my type

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