Friday, March 2, 2007

Creepy Blog In The Works

I am planning to make my own blog site, at first I thought of making it like my portfolio.. but there are a lot of things I wanted to do on my portfolio site. I can't figure out the design it should have and how would it look like, would I place my own picture or just an animated image, or what! So I figure out why not try to make a site that you love the most. I decided to make a paranormal or ghost site. A lot may want to ask why I decided to make a ghost site, why not a funny or joke site, or love site... Though there are a lot of paranormal sites already, in my site it would be all true, not tales.

As I've searched through the web, most of the paranormal sites are more likely just made-up or copied from other sites. For my site, it would be all true stories based from experiences. At first from my own experience then I'll ask for some to post also. In that way, we would be having loads of true stories. *wink *wink

I have an experience with paranormal activities and its all true. You can check it out on other sites for proof.

I was born in a small town. Our house is located on a hilltop. History, before my parents build our house, it was a cemetery. Right now, on top of us is our parish church and below us (a bit far) is the town cemetery. Well my parents told us when they start building our house they need to landscape the place.. I think they throw away the remains.. I am not sure of that, but they assured us that there are no more bones.

Our yard is big. We have 4 layers, 2 of it are trees. Starting from below, the 1st layer has a pig cage, and a small pond.This layer is level to the national road. The 2nd layer has only trees, most of it are coconuts and bamboos. The 3rd layer is our basement, and the 4th layer, is the house itself. The house yard is full of trees ... different kinds of trees and some flowers too, my mom loves flowers.

Even before our house was made, theres already an incident happened. My parents build a small room for them to have a place to sleep. It was already night, my parents with my 2 uncles spending the night outside having a chat. Usually at night my uncles aside from chatting, they are also drinking and so does my dad. So my mom left them because she felt sleepy already. Around midnight, the light just turned off and my dad with my uncles felt so cold. So they decided to sleep. There was someone with them at that time, they still don't know what really happened that night.

My first encounter was when I was 4 years old. It happened late in the afternoon, I was with our nanny. At that time she was washing dishes, she just finished cleaning the house. I remember very well I was staring at our Christmas tree (I think it was in mid November or early December) when I head the sound of my mom voice calling me. At first I ignored it, but then it kept on calling me, so I decided to go outside and meet her... but I found out that there's no one out there. So I ask our nanny if she called me, she said she didn't. I told her about it and she ask me to play and forget about it. When my mom arrived I told her what happened, she told me that she doesn't know what happened and ask me to forget about it.

When I was 6 years old, my mom and I went out of town. We stayed in a distant relatives' house. It was great there, I've spend lots of time playing with kids same as my age. One night we watch a horror movie, what I could remember is there was these kids on the cage, they where imprisoned by this guy who has a hood and scythe. That same night when I'm in bed I don't know if its real or just a dream, The bad guy is forcing me to come with him, but I hesitate to come because I'm so scared. I tried to wake up my mom but she's so asleep, she didn't bother. I was lucky that when I was crying, the bad guy stops and left. By morning when I woke up, I was crying and looking for my mom. After that insident my mom decided to go home.

For years, I've been having these feeling that someone was watching me. I just can't figure out who. I also encounter hearing footsteps at the stairs in the middle of the night and coming closer to my door. The freakiest thing happend it when someone was already trying to open my door. At first I heard a sound of footsteps getting closer to my room. I was awake at that time, that's when I was 16. I was waiting for it to come, but it didn't, all it did was kept on twisting the knob. I decided to open the door, no one was there. I felt this cold air blew towards me. I slept with lights on and a blanket all over my body... by morning I'm sweating.

The last encounter I had was when I was 20, I was working on my thesis late that night. I have to finish my documentation because it's already due by morning. My computer was at the living room. To keep me awake, while trying to finish my papers, I was chatting with some friends online. So it's like I'm laughing all by myslef in the living room. At around 3am, I heard someone calling me.. it was a husky voice. I thought that my older brother was playing games on me, so I checked him in his room. When I checked him out, he's so asleep. At that point I was a bit frightened, I pass the stairs going to the basement without looking at it, i thought that i might see something if I look at that way. I can't go to sleep because I'm thinking of my papers to finish. So I decided to worked on it inspite the fright. Then I heard the voice calling again, I replied... Just give me more time, I really need to finish my work, I promise that I'll sleep afterwards. And then I felt that someone touches me on the neck.. it was so cold... i didn't bother, By 5am I've finish my papers and went to sleep.

After that incident, all change... I felt good. It's like I have a good friend who's watching over me and cares for me, I might be scared of him, but I think he didn't mean to frightened me, maybe it's just his way of communicating.

Right now I'm far from home, I haven't felt anything like it. Sometimes when I was given vacation, I go home and visit my parents, upon enetering the house, t still gives me the creeps, it's a good feeling though. I won't call it a home if not from them. =)

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