Friday, March 9, 2007

Hello Weekends!!!

50 minutes to go before my shift ends... I can't wait to go home and take my ultimate sleep for the week. It's been a long week for me... a bit stressful and at the same time sleepless. I can't wait to sleep. Never in my life I've wish to spend my weekend sleeping. I really in need of beauty rest, he he he I was hoping to spend time with my partner, I sure do hope that we could spend a lot of time later for just the two of us. I miss him a lot these past few days, I've been longing for him. It's too difficult having different work scheds. Oh how i wish that we both have the same sched just like before.
I've heard that 300 is already showing in theaters, unfortunately I can't watch the movie, I don't have yet budget for movies... darn! well I think I could wait for next week to watch =)
I'm so happy yesterday... I just saw the episode 19 of Prison Break, it was awesome! I can't wait for episode 20. I love that TV series, FOX just made the biggest show ever! You can't compare it to other TV series.. It's definitely unbeatable! Hmmm.. I wonder what will happened to Lincoln Burrows and Micheal Scofield now that
Caroline Reynolds stepped down as President, no more presidential pardon for the brothers... he he he... As of now, I don't have any idea what will happened next week.
24 minutes to go... I'll just wait for the time to set at 6.

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