Monday, March 5, 2007

Im so tired

It's 530am and I'm so sleepy. I have to work on night shift for 2 weeks. I'm missing my bed so much... oh how I wish I am in bed sleeping... I feel so unconfortable here in my chair right now, my whole body aches. I haven't eaten any since last night, maybe that's the reason why i don't have enough energy. I haven't drink coffee today, I am not use of drinking coffee maybe that's also 1 of the reason why I am sleepy. But I do remember that I slept around 1pm yesterday.. it isnt enough huh!? I still need to wait for 30 mins... why us that everytime your waiting for the time, it's like it runs so slow...
When i got home, the first thing I'll do is sleep. I don't care if I haven't eaten any, I don't have the energy to take breakfast, I really need to take a rest already. I sure do hope that when I'm in bed I could get some peaceful long sleep.

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